Artist: A 750ml Affair


Crush my tongue and do me the favor
The thrill of being young and the permanent failure
Through the looking glass I see the promise you came for
But in the moment, make believe, the wedding dress fits fine

Load this gun and God speed the death toll
'Cause only the chosen ones get rich off the payroll
In this broken home I grieve, one foot out the front door
The more you give the less received

And everything is fine

Lay me down and break out the crash cart
The flat line run around - commence with the jump start
I don't want your sympathy while you ponder the outcome
Though she took the best of me, the wedding dress looked fine

My broken crown, the kingdom fall apart
The love that brought it down, a snapshot in the dark
Through the falling glass I bleed,
Is this what you came for - another magazine to read

And everything is fine