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As Eden Burns

Through time, its proved slight-to-no prevail
Through myth, proved a journey that no ship could ever bear
For no hull was ever found, nor the men set out to find it
set foot on ground? Their doubt they would not admit

and so it was said, there was to be, one to transcend all
generations passed through the undertaking, finally to end.

Calm, collected, and condemned
Confidence in stability lead confidence in disregard

Stem on the horizon, the stern more among integrity
With vitality unwavering all concern lies in gaiety
Carousal, constant and paramount
Contrition, due in this account

The unsurmounted taken from the angle left to guide
Such stir brings their lazarette quarters
to find its place in ash
Theres soon nothing left to pass
With whose essence lived for you,
and whose efforts fell to nothing

The course, first charted off the bow
Now, merely charted below

Not only one, not just the obvious provides for you
Not only one, merely reliance gives you no virtue

The absolute now nothing but a crypt