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A Low Center Of Depravity

An arousing first step, the second a shock of reality
This stairwell ends in insight
Our ascension is purely logical
I am headed to a home much brighter than my own

Finding the need for molecular composition fleeting
An element hosting the dependent earthbound vitality

Displayed here are density’s true extremes, the ominous dualism
I breathe nothing, for there is nothing to breathe

Ionic clouds of static precision, portals to the edges of incomprehension
Shapes the mind cannot fathom, they create the worlds for which we long

Mineral masses hurtle through the nothingness, incandescent, as if to lead
The way
Reaching a plateau of convalescence
Now look down upon the Earth

Titan’s path. Feel her wrath
Silent we wait
Spiraling into deep slumber

Viewing the frontier from a great distance
Moments to revel in the nebulous

The freezing vision blends with welcoming warmth
A scene cerebral fabrications cannot contain
A child’s recreation upon the divine canvass

We have lived the illusion of being in total control
Nomination to figures with given names

An arrow through the arch aimed at the bull
The mother closely trailed by her cub
All within the dragon’s watchful eye

The marksman’s waistband, our misconceived notion of direction
Following the broken compass from infancy

Each ornament an Eden by selfish definition
I reach out to caress the tiny orb of light
Distance is a deceitful construction
It cloaks the description

A serene city at the peak
The embodiment of perfection

I burn with the stars
Leaving no trace of the perennial odyssey, the voyage draws an end

My skin meets new terrain
Death has no meaning here
No letters to distribute
No laws to abide
Only a humble revelation