A Band Of Boys - Bad Boy This, Bad Boy

Bad boy baby,
We the last standin' check the records,
Check the score.
Da Band, the next generation of Bad Boy, c'mon

I'm back and I'm hittin' em hard
Breast don't sagg, I dont need no push-up bra
Chick you mad, babs got a brand new car
Drop top in the hood, I'm a ghetto superstar [belive]
Pop bottles and roll up trees
Bab's strong arm chicks like I'm hercules
You got a problem, come see the girl, I'll solve 'em
Big belly women we starve 'em
Dudes in the hood, we rob 'em wheneva they flawcin'
Betta tuck in ya chain dude and keep on walkin'
You a thug, why you keep on talkin let's get it crackin'
Get ya girl stomped ou in the club, I make it happen
I got this, Diddy done let me out
Out chick, spit sick when I open my mouth (yeah)
My year now so you girls betta leave
Me and my people comin' and we rollin' six deep

All I hear is Bad Boy this and Bad Boy that, Bad Boy will beat you down wit a baseball bat

Imma changed man since I made the band
Nobody - gave a damn, no-one gave a hand
Made man, made the band, wave ya hands
Rocks in the watch, I think I'm bout to blaze the band
Elliot Ness, you know I'm here to save the land
Don't try to lie and say the liquor is what made you ran (whooo)
Go somewhere and be a maintnence man, a janitor
Dogg don't blame me, blame ya manager
Keep ya hands out my pockets boy
Franchise like I play for the Rockets boy
Who shot ya, Biggie Smalls, Tupac ya boy
Ready to Die, All Eyes on the project boy
Yo stocky - I put sumthin in ya biceps boy
I can't help it, I'm a violent boy
A gee, who down wit his thousand boys

All I hear is Bad Boy this and Bad Boy that,
Bad Boy will beat you down wit a baseball bat

There he go, hoppin' out the G-5 wagon
G-coated, rees, Bo's and tees swaggin'
Runnin' game on ya chick, ya boy's a pimp
I need the ones wit no type of common sense (that about it)
If you bout it then throw it up
Got that fire and you ready to light it then tote it up
Now that's gangsta, don't make me spank ya
You - run in that water now ya life is in danger
Ride wit the underworld, them key bangers
Soldeir that be off that frail, them beef bringers
Picture a clown tryin' to carry me
It won't happen, I won't let you haters worry me
Imma stay thugged out till they bury me
When they do, I can