Artist: As Enemies Arise

Loved And Lost

A shout echoes through the hallway “how can we live like this”.
It has been months since we had food in our stomachs.
The mother, she gathered, her
Children in a single room, “hold on to another let’s keep you warm tonight”.
The streets today, now count more houses and more rubble, then families.
The snowfall has covered every tree and every river.
My child, no storm can keep us parted.
You are the only thing that kept me alive.

So far away, between a liar and his loved ones.
He’s writing his letters in a
Low candlelight. his hand is shaking, his mouth so dry,
The cold sweat on his forehead makes him shiver
And the man starts to cry and the man starts to cry.
More tears then ink tell his story.
Running back, as fast as his legs could take him, would leave him dead