Artist: As In Adversaries

Agitation In The Glorious Theme

Can you tell the difference by looking at this scene?
Of shooting stars and fiends that sprightly tease and beam
Careless about the rules, they constantly dispute
The conformist shepherd whose burden overwhelms

Staring at the abyss he finds himself emerged
Into gallons of hymns and unaltered secrets
His thirst for truth growing he proudly seeks revenge
Over the sun that shines and holds the cosmic fate

But now that he has glimpsed into the rival's plan
It barely even glows enough to light his grave!
How tempting is the fall for this genuine concept
Of illumination beyond all lies and sense

Can you heed the revolt by peaking at this scheme?
Of floating stars and fiends that loudly mock and scream
Regardless of prestige, they intently challenge
The conformist shepherd whose burden overwhelms

Agitation in the glorious theme
Spill the poison in the orthodox stream
Unrestrained, the clandestine spark unfolds
Initiating fires of the fiercest nature