Artist: As Light Dies

Defeat And Revenge

Look at this cold battle field where death reigns every where
My blood is seething in atrocious hate
My heart longs for revenge for all our companions death in fight.
Our defeated enemies writhe in pain over the snow.
We must kill all of them and show no mercy.
We won't bury you, we will leave you here
So the ravens will devour you.
May be your bones would serve as example for those who
Would try the same in the future.
I am in agony lying on the snow
The dead gathers around me
I am resting over a puddle of my own blood.
Life is leaving me
What am i doing here so far from home?
What did thy forced me to grasp a weapon by a reason unknown?

What kind of death is this away from god's sight and my beloved?
I never thought my death would be so ill fated

I hear the cries
From my dying companions,
At my side
Their frosted faces, their silent tears
Our enemies are finishing those of us still alive
Like if we where rabid dogs
I know i would do the same
And i know that soon it will be my turn.

I feel lonely and forsaken
Here i lie crippled and deadbound
Better if they put and end to my suffering
The angel of death waves his scythe a few meters from me.

Damned all of you that you dare to challenge us!
I hope you will burn in hell.