As Memory Dies - Eyeway To Identity

I beg for mercy, an act of humanity
Please, someone just claw my futile eyes away
I want to try to see with a new third-eyed consciousness
No more aimed at the world, but pointed on my essence within

Now I am doomed to demonstrate that what
Was once thought is right, that sometimes somehow
Pure egoism is the very essence of a noble soul

So our illusion to export truth devours the concept of Reason itself
With disillusion we must look inside to find that we cradle the Answer

So in order to let this happen
The opposite must collide

The triviality of sensing waves of mind that's raging on
Against vitality that's pulsing less than ever
Makes raw suggestion that we are serving all the impulses devotedly
Not as subject, not as object

This rude reality compelling barren life forms to devolve
Into a deeper state of feverish distraction
Gives cruel impression that we look at Wisdom's famine as an art

So we must pull the thin strings guiding us to the bliss of Redemption again

Just like the brightest star cannot grant its light forever
We're going to impact with the inner implosion
For now we're condemned to be more than we've ever dared to be
With a new-black-hole dimension of Thought

And that trial has finally come
Dissolve these mortal chains
It's time to resonate like a new born human god

Now that this paradox is here for all of us to witness
And our human comprehension allows us to taste
This final, forsaken, forbidden fruit of Reason once again

The clash between the parallel lines is now taking place

Our eyes wide open for the moment of the epiphany
When Logic prevails over mathematical evidence
Then Achilles reaches the Turtle
When Infinite transfigures into Finished
Then Prometheus puts the Fire in our mind

When Noumenon has been archived
When Phenomenon has cut the bind
Then finally the deafest scream of Ratio shall pierce our new divine era's ears

The clash between the parallel lines finally took place