As My Eye Sinks Into My Head - The Secret

I have finally found
What I searched for all my life
But it is precious art behind glass
Unreachable, no matter my strife -
It was always right in front of me
But I chose not to see
What could not be avoided
Yet what could never be.

It was there while I was singing
Present whilst I wrote
My hopeless tales of found true love
And fruitless my love notes.
It's presence couldn't be denied -
Only what it was
Could be overlooked and made petty
Strictly by what it does.

Pray, I should find a way to make
This object something true
Something loving, tender
I can find no wrong in having two.

What I sought did never see
The longing in my eyes,
It never knew just what I wanted
I had covered it well with lies.
And so it sat, unwanted by most
While I so pined away
For a moment to call it my own
To be it's home to stay.

But alas, never did it know
I let it turn to naught;
I spoke in verse my truest wish
Sheer happiness it never brought.
Nor did it flower into bloom
Like a primrose in the light,
Kept from the sun, it withered
Because of my cowardly fright.

I am but a shy poet
With a secret dream
Afraid was I to express my love
That o'erflowed the banks
Of the river of a sweetest dream.