Artist: As Night Falls


The cold is still inside me
My face and fingers pale turn around the voice keep saying
Look across the snowy veil
These eyes
These eyes keep watching
Look again
Look again and run

In my head is growing madness
I'm fighting to stay calm
Suddenly all goes silent
Feeling touch on my palm
I try
Try to shake off the darkness
Wake up
Now says the voice

Every night it’s back
Like a play with one act
Happend many nights
Had to fight so many fights
It’s always cold
Without the light to show the way
I’m feeling hold I cannot run

Know the game now, it's simple
Like the story that was told
The rules are never changing
There is snow and there is voice
One breathe
A breath is all I need now
One step
And I can open my eyes

And now it’s time to go
To leave this
Place that’s haunting me
Open door, look outside and
To see the story ends
No more dark, come to light now
Up through the rabbit’s hole
Leave behind grain of sand
Feet on the ground