Artist: As One

A Young Girl's Dream

Maybe it was a dream, my wish to be with you
Everyday I promised to meet you, to love you
My heart was knocked out by your manly looks
My friends were so proud, I was so happy

Baby~ I want to be your love
Now there is no one else for me
You disappear as our true love makes two become one
Honey~ I want you by my side forever
I can't imagine without you
I want to be the person who brings you good fortune
Please love only me
I saw you with my two eyes denying their love
This same magic love that I threw away
I met other people, but the days passed and I was lonely
Now I know, I don't exisit without you

I'd wait a long time, forever, just to meet you
When I see you, I cry tears of happiness

Baby~ I want to give everything to you
I'll give up my pride
The world will not end until we come together as one
Honey~ You're the only woman I want to live with
I will do anything for you
It is bigger than fate, my wish to be with