Artist: As Serenity Fades


Abi male spiritus, ad astra infinitum
On the shore of a little tarn
Orphic waterfalls rushing faintly
Placid sanctums before the watcher's eyes

The gate of north, smell of end is here
In the sand of gods he now rests
The garden of black elegy, forever void
The darkest suffering...The gate of an arcanum open wide

Like tears in the sea tranquil blue
Like the shadows of the tearful moon
Born in the land where the flames wander across the burning sky
Born in the land where the heavens scream and cry
Seasons of beauty...A tear so serene...Fallen into memories...

To memories...Like nightstars in twilight realm...Fading and forgotten...
Is their beauty in the sky, macabre
Celestial acrimony, look through the stars of dawn
Like tears of gods
Dormant lords, please wake from your unborn dreams
Comfort the ladies who weep