Artist: As Stormclouds Gather

Oath Of Revenge

You desired her as a thing of man's pleasure
Satisfying your lust daring this step just too far
Using that moment laughing at last
Now it's time for the sacrifice to the forces you gave birth
Revenge is mine for I'm the last of pagan blood

A gleam in the nightskys as I awoke, the spirits of old,
As I unleashed the forces of the ultimate night
The freezing in the air was mine
As I spoke spells of darkness
"Arise, oh lord with horns..."

This was just one step too far behind the line of blood
And you kneel for me praying for your fucking life
Now feel my hatred as I call the forces of night
Now feel my hatred - this is the oath of revenge

You turned my world crumbling everything down
Now in ruins I stand lost all had loved...
Never to trust in the truth again and hatred rose
As my tears had flown away...
As I gaze at your face feel my hatred feel my wrath
For I'm the last of heathen pride