Artist: As They Burn

Philosophical Research Society

From the lines of this book, learn everything that
The believers of the cross are still hiding from you.
Free your mind of imprisonment.

Destroy these walls to build new ones ready to bear the weight of truth.
O man you are a creature so far away from the truth.

The age of Horus is coming...
Dionysos has restored the laws of nature...
Chaos is on its way.
So many years passed to forget the real world around us
Forever more...
Forever more...

You do not see the things like they should be...

Wake up and think
Build a church for the new wave of faith.
Forget their lost cause, love yourself,
And love those who want to progress.
Deny the ungrateful, forget their voices, forget their faces.

"The moon has now a sister even more beautiful than it's predecessors"

To exist is to change, to change is to mature,
To mature is to go on creating oneself.