Artist: D-Block

Beautiful Day

[gunshot] {Hey Mario} {Easy!}

[Sheek Louch:]
D-Block, Vinny... Idol
Let's go

Uhh, uhh, uhh
Hey yo "Walk Witt Me," still got the hawk with me
But tonight I'm not usin it, gun not shootin it
Feel good, it's nice outside
Put your seat back, let's go for a ride
You know where I'm headed first, 3-5-4
Hop out, send somebody to the liquor store
Might even cop a dutch, who got haze?
And I don't even smoke but today I'm ready to blaze
Then I'm headed to Warburton in front of the store
Get some cuffs for my niggaz then, drink some more
Then I gotta go through the hole, you know what I'm sayin?
Plus basketball started and my niggaz is playin
Then I might go to Mount V to check my dawgs
See who's out on the ave, hop out the Nav'
It's just a beautiful day
Sun is out, and I ain't even have to use my AK (HEY!) Listen

[Chorus: x2]
White tees, white Airs fit beautifully
Benz Coupe, rims spinnin, Jake hatin me
But that's my life ("my life, my life, my life, MY LIFE") my life
In the sunshine ("In the sunshine! .. Everybody loves the sunshine!")

[Sheek Louch:]
Uhh, that's enough, niggaz gotta see some bitches now
Next stop, Sheek headed to the Boogie Down
Straight to Fordham, it's 20 to one
I can't wait to bust off and I ain't talkin my gun
I see mami with her kids, still lookin good
Keep your head up mama, even though you still in the hood
Then I'm off to Dykeman & Post, back to Broadway
Dominican mamis, they out there all day
I sign a autograph, make mami laugh
Ask her did she ever take a Crist' bubble bath
I cop a mixtape and cruise through the Boogie Down
I'm on Broadway, GOTTA go to Harlem now
I can't forget my sisters, my queens
You beautiful things - word up
Cause it's a beautiful day
Sun is out, and I ain't even have to use my AK (HEY!) Listen


[Sheek Louch:]
Yeah.. yeah.. yo, uhh
I'm on the Westside of 1-2-5th by Jimbo's
Cop a turkey burger, that's where everybody goes
Or I might cop some Timbs
Pull over, let my mans and them hit my rims
Good lookin here's a hundred, nah I don't want nuttin back
Take that home to your family, don't smoke that black
I see a whole pack of shorties right in front of the mart
Some dark, some redboned, where do I start?
There go Kay Slay right in front of Paulo Express
Still holdin shit down, big crown on his chest
See them Ruff Ryder bikes in the street, liftin it
Everybody chillin, nobody thinkin about killin
Little kids wearin D-Block tees
And all day I ain't even hear a shot, or one cop yell freeze
Heh, it's a beautiful day
Sun is out, and I ain't even have to use my AK (HEY!) Listen