Artist: D to the S

Dissing These Fools

You could suck a dick with ya lip
But that still don't make your mouth.. wiiide enough
Or big enough to dis
The shit done got me piss
Some nga from new jersey, the t-neck
Wont give us our respect
So watch me wreck and eject
That naughty by nature shit from my tape deck
I hate treach, watch a nga from the ill state flex
And break necks of those emcees
That wouldn't notice notice me
Claim to give me my props
But standing on the video with jodeci
Didn't know you the beat down?
You had to lose to r&b sound
Dissin the t-o-x i cease town
You catch a beat down, he found
Police protection
But i burn em like an std erection
Or a yeast infection
Hit em when he's least expectin
He'll be correctin every word
As my feet meet his rectum
And now he's crying 'boo-hoo'
As i manifest like the guru
Got the half the ny soundin wack as you do
I dont think you knew the consequence
When you come against, ngas with lyrical dominance
Use some common sense,
Or i'ma pinch more than a inch
From your gut when i buck a shot
Ya sweet like buttascotch
Call my city wack, but it's not
Another sucka got dropped
Cause he wouldn't give me my fuckin props

If treach is a quest to test us
He'll feel the hollow point through the breast of
His vest thrust and make his chest bust
I'm unimpressed, thus, with his best cuts
He just addressed us, because he's all on ngas out west nuts
I guess guts compensate for the skill he lacks
While he makes silly tracks,
I make thick cuts like hemophillacs
He really acts hard sportin master locks
But i bet the ghetto bastard jocks when you pass the glock
And if his ass could box, why the chainsaw?
All these gimmicks is the main flaw - i came raw
While he sings about a kitty cat, so fuck that shit he spat
My city's phat, it's a pity that the nga won't admit hes wack
Where's his titties at, cause that's what bitches grow
Fuck a flow, to his girl i throw a vicious blow, so the stiches show
So let these bitches know chi being wack aint the fucking taste
Duck in haste, cause i might spit right in your fucking face

They say a chain is only as strong as its weakest link
And you're just that, so fuck what some naughty ngas think
Yo, tell me what's on your mind callin my city wack?
You must've robbed the dope man and smoked a fifty sack
Of that crack, you need a fix, son
Why smoke a glass dick when you could suck a big ass dick like this one?
Cause when i come i'm cumming on your face
Ya lyricals aint flowin and on top of that your tracks aint got no bass
I can't stand when muthafuckas try to test my shit
Unless i hit with em face to face and he'll see how fresh i get
I admit i should've took time to hear him out,
But why when i go to a party of emcees and clear em out
You hear about dozen treach's kick that same old shit
I dont think they tangle with
A nga that'll chop a ngas head off
Is how i let off some steam
Get it off my chest,
But give that a punk a bandage for his wounded ches