Artist: E Money Bags

Want It

(feat. Horse, Nas)

Million dollar homes platinums filled with alot of stones
Bitches on, every new nigga dick who rich
If the street could speak the sidewalk could talk
Everybody business be heard so I prefer
To blueprint, every plan among fam clear
Don't wanna risk a billion dollar plan the walls have ears
Meet at aquariums, me and the team cause I'm preparin 'em
For everythin I seen, who's the most feard and why they scared of 'em
Well first, we need to know who we kill first
Or how to know a whole from the Earth
YO they come in all shapes; skinny and tall
Easy to fall for the cake, they throwin they walk
Most niggaz wanna shine when it ain't they time
Comin up with styles mimickin mine
My infinite mind, has no beginin or end
Take out the ink replace the blood of my pen
Thugin again

I'm pointed all time regulatin is a must
Adjust, your hustler state of mind for you blow up
Succes, wins along this hatred and envy
The games people play when your pockets lookin empty
The dime drop 'em, would he smoke or playin poker
He gambles with his life and his cards are gettin shorter
The young and reckless, pack gats inside they vests
I'm 22 to oo-ups, seein who the freshest
I guessed this, must my time to exhale
I've been waitin so damn long that this rap shit is stale
Make it happen, in these streets kids is clappin
Fuck this rappin, seein cheese hustlin crackin
This formal drive seat recline, big wheelie man
Doin scams for the rich and if it runs in my fam
Cross roads, cross breeds, cross over weak mc's
Horse man will always shine, never waste my time

[E Money Bags]
Crime relation got my niggaz time facin in the line pacin y'all
All the gods this one for y'all
I never forget it, three times a week on the visit
Just tryin to hold my head until I see the death of these snitches
I know some real ones on the run keepin touch with they bitches
And you can feel what I'm sayin, I suggest that you listen
A victim of circle stance the doe took me
A circle plan design by devious minds to worship custom vans
TV's with fuckin plans keepin them chicken cluckin him
See me I'm buckin men, this life we stuck with him
I know the way out theres light at the end of the tunnel
Fray out if I have to, in a heart beat to clap you, a lap to
Another chapter had to adapta
This way of life in your paw, make sure you spray it right
I know the game found my destiny, its best that we part
Before I act like sex me god, bust off severely
Make all my thugs feel me
For the lost clues that make they news yearly

Jump on it, most of my days spent high
My niggaz in the cage get by
Writin letters collect calls and vias
GED's, lock down earnin college degrees
OG's who put us up on more G
How what if I would of stayed school for another grade
What I would of knew would of got me more paid
But I ain't mad, can't complain blew like NASA
But what I would of learned might of got me here faster
Cold days in the back of the train
Passengers faces reveal laughter, while some show pain
Blind man come and ask for some change
Now I'm in the Range or airplane, it ain't a fair game
How I end up, Benz truck with my ends up
To prove city housin, wheres plenty wildin
But there's many thousands of us prepared to do whatever
The higher power ask of us, flesh to ashes
To dust so the whole world hear us, don't you want it nigga?

[Chorus: Nas]
Want it baby, I want it baby
Don't go on it, your up on it baby
Jump on it, jump on it, I want it baby
You want it baby, I want it baby
Jump on it