Artist: E Nora

Midnight Falls

Verso 1
Sighing when the night comes soon
looking for the moon
Every breath i take hurts me
Pretending there's a shining light
'stead of the pain inside
Since you've gone away, but I can say

I don't wanna live behind closed doors
I don't wanna watch from another floor
I just wanna feel blood in my veins
I just wanna feel alive

Tell me, tell me the whole story 'bout my sorry life
Tell me , tell me how it could be after our time
After your twillight

Verso 2
Waiting for a new breaking dawn
Just to see your face
The way you looked into my soul
I want to know that you're always near
That no one else could touch your pale skin
Cos I'm dying

Nothing to say, where are your brown eyes
There's no air to breathe, without you in my life
Remember me, oh please remember me.