Artist: F-2

The Life Difficult

Ah, Ah (4x)

Ace times it is better a brute nor to get up
More is worth to be the day complete in the bed to dream
So many things in my head p'ra to worry
So many things in this shit life to think
Without money it is not easy not to discourage
While the bills for paying so her to accumulate
I always heard to say that the storm never comes only
One behind the other and I am going falling type domino
More is worth to be in the bed with the lady to forget the
To invent a program to be in the mamma with whom loves me
And when I sleep imagine the sweet life
I open the lash and when agreement finished
I am not who you leaning that I am but before it went
Who thinks k'esta shit is easy made a mistake

Chorus (2x): Baza, baza
He/she is going p'ra marries
He/she opens the lash, tana
This aki is not a film, boy

If it was to a radio everything k said was happy
Everyone knows me but the body no condiz
I am illusion am as they saw me in television
He/she imagines the mansion and the large car but without
Everything k have anything was sweated given me
I battle, I never have fruit for the state
The boss no ker to know if I have a recorded cd
It doesn't feed me when I am starved
And unlike what they think the fame never attracted me
My profile is my workmanship
But I don't work with the empty stomach
I have the income to pay p'ra not to end to the cold
Unhappily there is no market for which I do
Not of the type of drowning the sorrows in pulp
Don't ask for me p'ra to do clown's illustrations
Leave me alone in my corner and nigga gives space

Chorus (4x)

I am even so, what you see i what you get
If you don't understand the message rewind, he/she repeats
It pays attention to the qu'eu say say in the "mic" and
Is my music a boquete, where my niggas attn?
You can have faith will forget today don't want to know
If I don't stop thinking will go mad
akela shit can play but I won't assist
I will put the sound the rappar the highest than it can
mulho that knows at the available stores for who he/she wants
Put your hands in the air and bounce to this


It is even so yoh, you know k is yoh, qu'é k will do yoh

baza, baza, this aki is not a film boy
baza, baza is real is even so yoh
baza, baza, leave the ac in peace yoh
baza, baza I want peace and love, only