H Pisces - Waste Some Time

It's time to wake up, I think it's that time of day
It's time to shake up, you don't care 'cos you wanna play
It ain't so hard to see you forgot your alibi
Your god is Erogenous, he will set you free

Don't you wanna be the missing piece in somebody elses jigsaw?
Or does your disillusionment lead you on to wanting something more?

How would you like to waste some time, I won't tell if you don't cry
Say yeah, yeah. yeah, yeah
How would you like to waste some time, you hide those lies behind those eyes
Say yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

I think I know the feeling, I think I felt this once before
You're so surprised you found the key
That you just can't find the door

Yourself's a vision, haunts you but you still want to be free
The name of the game is just the same and your god will set you free

I saw you sitting over there
With your fishnet lipstick kiss

How would you like to...