Artist: J Adore

Over And Over

It's twelve o'clock
On the dock i wandered what your doing
And if your home or not
Your lovin got me finin
Im acous to trurk it outand i aint gone lie
Waitin for you call any second now
To say you comin over that your on your way
Cant wait to see you face to face
And feel how wonderful your kiss is

Hug and kiss so wonderful
Your lips your smile make me want it more and more
Over and over again girl its only you and me
I never thought that i would be
Holdin you kissin you karresin you lovin you over and over again
Girl its only you and me
Just like i always dreamed
Holdin you kissin you karessin you lovin you over and over again

What a surprize here you are standing in front of me
Shini like a star its candel lit at night enogh to shine
Into my private room take my hand
The way you make me feel only heaven knows
Its a blessin that your here were all alone
Lets do exactly what we spoke
Where no longer on the phone your here wit me


This feeling i cant explain it
Im going crazy thinkin bout you daily
Dont want no body besides you by me
I want your body all over my body
Its so contasius you got me axous
I cant stop bugin im thirsty for your lovin
I really want it girl want it over and over again

chorus x5