J Boog - Crazy

[Verse 1:]
Listen well It hurts when the only one you love
Thinks about another guy and that’s all she can think of
She tells you that she loves you
There's no one else above you
yet shes spending your dimes wasting your time
and she still cant live without you
Well well at times she thinks everything's ok
But my feelings up inside are tired of our lovers strife
Days I go without her
Starting to care less about her
Lies after lies just killing me inside
Start a new chapter in my life

Shes crazy she says she needs me in her life and more
So crazy, girl what you really crying for
Shes crazy, she never wana see me runnin through that door
Just thought I let you know that I'm off to let you go

[Verse 2:]
Well every time she thinks about me, emotions getting lazy
She's getting kinda crazy
Burnin up yes feeling kind of hazy
I have to tell my lady if she loves me or she hates me
Love a blanc now sipping on some wine wondering if she thinks
shes running out of time, for me to be the one for her
but me know me cant think coz me know me not sure


[Verse 2:]