J Cadrian - My Prayer For Help

In your righteousness, lord, hear my prayer!
Listen to my plea, in your faithfulness!
I come to you almighty, through your goodness’ care
Rescue me, lord, from this hopelessness!
I do remember all those days gone by
I think about all the things you’ve done!
Like dry ground, my soul is thirsty for you
I lift up my hands to you and I pray!

Answer me now, o lord! I’ve lost all hope
Don’t hide yourself from me, or I will die!
Remind me always of your love each morning
For I have put my trust in you alone! Oh, my lord!
Let all my prayers go up to you
Show me the way that I should go!
You are my God; teach me your will
Be kind to me! Oh

Because of your love, kill my enemy
Fighting into my mind opposing your will!
Put a new and loyal living spirit in me
Break all my heart and make it clear
Give me again the joy that salvation brings
I will proclaim your righteousness
Oh God, be kind and help me lord
Rebuild the walls of my whole life!