Artist: J a D a

Reading You

I know that we don't have something but what I'm hoping for,
is more than nothing something i hope is meaningful,
I thought I found that in you, I thought I found it all
But when there's more than us ask yourself if this can work

I've tried and tried a million times to make you mine
But I ain't fighting with who i know is on your mind
And after all these days, after all this time
I opened up my eyes, you don't need me you just need time

To collect your thoughts and ask yourself what it is you want
What are your reasons, consider those that you might hurt
Its so hard for me to let you go, but how can I hurt
when what we had was fictional

They used to tell i was crazy that i couldn't see
but i didnt care if you were right for me wrong for me
i just believe you were what I need
some say selfishness, but understand I thought of me

This is what it comes down too
Make me believe I needed youYou needed me too
But I am nothing more than a saviour to you