J (j.ae) - Idgedoegir

Go back (oh baby) ye~ why did you want a break up if
You can't even keep your word?
Again (no no ye) promise me that you'll never try to
Find me again
I won't go back...i've forgotten you this much
If i see you now i will fall again
Why are trying to find me?
The day that you left me so coldly are still in my

*i yearn for you
I erased you through my tears
In the days i threw away the memories were slowly
Going away
I didn't want the remaining love i had for you
Even if i felt you i didn't want to get hurt
After i let you go this is what i wished for
I want to forget your love

Love is pain pain is love love is sorrow
Sorrow is love love is life life is love

I don't regret it
Even though it has become a painful memory
Because you were a person i loved more than anyone

*repeat (for me)
Please don't find me again
Now i have tried to forget you
Still i yearn for you
Do you hope for me to still hurt for you?