Artist: K And The Dogs

Here It Is

All right you all here we go
I go to school to learn but i only screw off and have fun
I bust fat raps better than big pun. i'm the number one you cant phase me i am the top of the world i set the bar for all you skinny punks i don't slap bitches but i will hit a male so don't come around me if your going to fail.

I aint no punk
I aint monk
I don't take shit from you or any one else
If you wanna step you better think of your kids
And readjust your lids fool

When i walk the ground goes boom
Its enough to wake a mummy out of his tomb
I am the biggest in fact i am so big you cant miss me
You may try to touch me but you will miss
So remember the name faker its k and don't think i wont come with my dogs because were bliss

(chorus 2x)

I thought you know fool
You sit there lookin like a tool
Ill beat you with a stool
Check your self
I'm out no more time for suckers like all of you

Thats just the way it is fool