Artist: K Cl Hailey

Dear Claudia

Dear claudia, you should try not to sleep with your best friends boyfriend
You've come so far since that time when you let your first boy in
And you do it so carelessly
As if you had no self esteem
A victim of apathy but you don't care what people say about you
I will let you in before you break yourself

Its true that you like to sleep around
Enjoy it with your backside on the ground
But you should know that its not your fault
Your father killed himself

Dear claudia, you leave pieces of you in each bed you lay in
And when you're done there will be somebody else wearing your skin
I will lay your fears right here next to mine
And when we close our eyes we'll be entwined
Little claudia
You must find another
You must forgive yourself
Cause its not your fault i killed myself
Little claudia
I will forgive you