K Koke - 6 Million Ways To Die Freestyle

6 Millions ways to die, I got one for you
Big dawg and a slug for you
It kicks hard and can take off a arm or two
If this dawg gets to bark then it’s harm for you
I come though and bomb youths like the army do

The wrong move can have you on news casket youth
Son of a bitch you lickle bastard you
You shoulda fuckin told ya mother we was after you
Now she’s burying her son feeling quite confused
Like we take his life and tore her heart in two
Her son likes to hype and his dawgies too

But my dawgs like to ride and light up these tools
We’re just tryna live life don’t get it confused
But if they try and hurt my pride
Then we lighting this fool
6 Million way to die
But one back and I could take your life