Artist: K Sera

True Enough To Be Interesting

They talk a little more with every step
That I take down that road that I’ve been on so long
Far too long
And their eyes roll a little more with every word that I write
That shows them who they are, they really are
So burn every bridge that you cross
So you never go back again
The hardest part is moving on
Take that first step won’t you
(You’ve been feeling lost living under the gun)
Before they take everything that you are
Everything that you could be
At the top the bottom doesn’t look so bad
But when you’re at the bottom the top looks
Impossible to reach
Take my bones throw them to the wolves
I won’t feel a thing (feel a thing)
Take my soul and give it to the poor
I don’t need a thing (need a thing)
Going back and forth in this state of mind