Artist: L J Booth

Boogy Man

It was late last Friday evening
There was nobody home but me
So I turned on every light in the house
Turned up the TV
Channel five was JUST a snowstorm
And then with seven gone
Channel thirteen's nightmare theatre
Was the only thing on

Now all throughout that movie
These sounds came more and more
Sounds like tapping on the windows
Sounds like footsteps on the floor
And I know that he was watching
As I figured in my head
Just how fast that I could
Flip each switch and run to bed

Bul you best not run too slow
'Cause he'll get you if he can...Boogy Man

You won't see me move no faster
Than when I jump in bed
You won't see my face 'till morning
I keep those covers 'cross my head
H can get kind of hot and stuffy
As I'm praying for my soul
So I lift a little corner
Make a little breathing hole

But I don't make it too big
'Cause he'll get me if he can .. Boogy Man

He's got a dungeon In the woods
Made out of fingernails and bones
From all the kids he stole from beds
(Dragged them from their homes)
He's got real legs on his tables
Real hands on his docks
He took a couple bellybuttons
And strelched thorn out tor socks

He isn't very nice
And he'll get you If he can...Boogy Man

I ain't afraid of dying
Be it last or slow
And I ain't afraid of Sunday school
Though I cannot stand to go
But tell one midnight story
All full of no-such-things
And I will wet my mattress, brother
Clean through to the springs

I'll be laying cold and wet with fright
For fear of the...Boogy Man