Artist: L Wizzi

On The Move

Verse 1:
It's now that im sayin' i don't wanna go away
Jus' a couple months away from today
Ill be on the move to a different place
Completely different way of living and race,
Different tastes
Ma moma says im livin' at too fast of a pace
But sometimes i can see it in her face
That she doesnt wana leave her parents at this
In a 3 bedroom home sat all on their own
With no-one to call so their virtually alone
Now i dont wana be on the move right now
'n' move from ma family
Cos im in a good place
'n' i got some good friends
'n' its too good to be replaced
Verse 2:
But on the other side of the story my dad has
Found some glory
Hes followed his dream to what seems paradise
In his eyes
So when i spit a rhyme in a line
He jus' hasnt got the time
To be lettin' shine 'n' to visualise my right
Cos in his mind i dont have the right
To stay off that flight so ill have to fight
To rid this sh*te
'n' i cannot rest spittin my protest
On what i think's best
Verse 3:
I suppose ill have to call it the end
I cant pretend that i want it
But to go there without a friend will be
Unheard of
You wont be findin me on my knees
Wit' these memories without a murder
Ill probably lose my mind if i find a f*ckin
Even without a weed that sh*t would send me

Yo i don't wanna be movin'
Bein on the move 'n' sh*t
Its like wow!