Artist: Q Da Kid

I Am Him

My mind is on another level, but I try to keep my hood around me flow is fuego
I just love my ghetto and it's bad that they wanna see me fail but I'm past that
The game is on my shoulder now straining on my bad back
Money steady coming in I break... with ass cap
I'm the one they laughed at, now they all calling me for... and features
Damn I'm so ether, tell them all to fall back, let me get a breather
The album's coming soon I'm trying to sell large quoters bust deal throw me hot
Even when the summer's over, shot till the mall is empty
I could have bought a Bentley but what for I got a family to provide for
And I stay sweets enough they say I'm by polar
Six models with me, I'm trying to leave with 4 of ya
Chicks pointing cameras at me snapping with them Polaroids
And them negative people is who I so avoid
Cause they the one be lying in the tabloids
Fuck being stagnant my mind is on fast forward
Flight gear my underwear be costed, like charts
Serves like... chill what you so polite for?
But serves these fans and these fans is who I write for
It ain't by cars, it ain't by broads, it's about this motherfucker label right here
That's the answer and that's that
The watch is on my left hand, straining on my wrist I'm being easy on my next band
Rock... do your own thang, sharks in the water, use the yacht, why go swim
Why the hell you buy for? You could only drive it in occasions, I tell him life's short stop hating,
Trump Tower sweet, I dip my hands into that basin
Throw the water on my face, I'm trying to wake up from this dream
From all these... the money's voging out my jeans
I'm the dopest in this rap that this label ever seen
It's plans in my scope that I'm a build like...
They wish that they could see the places that I've been
Million dollar moguls being places that I've been
Million dollar vocals I'm social but I know their intentions when these ladies approach you
I told them I am him and they ran from being local
To a world wide quote my style is so soulful
My foot... so cool, why die... pull them to this diner place to order through the drive through
... could I change,.. shit plummed regiment that's one thing... do
Shout out to Brooklyn, shout out to Maino, shout out to... for coming through to my video
Shout out to Jay Z we waiting on that come back, billboard number one trust me we didn't do that
You ain't on my level never graduated my grade
Been had a scholarship, I don't need help aid
Now I'm walking down this right road that I helped paid
Old school sitting on some tight vogues, my fame
And I ain't talking... network, I be on my mobile all day trying to network
I be in the friendly skies twittering chatting with my fans see that feel intelligent
When you see me scream at me, I might crack a smile but really I ain't happy
So show me some love, show me some love.