Artist: The Undead

The Way We Behave

1, 2, 1, 2, 3, 4
Don't be scared
By the things that we do
And don't get mad
If we do them to you
We're not looking for a fight
We're not trying to be brave
It's just the way we behave

Don't get violent
If we step on your feet
And don't be silent
If you want to meet us
We're much more friendly
Than the newspapers say
Anyway, it's just the way we behave

Our bodies are filled
With such high energy
We got to jump up and down
To set it all free
Our minds work so fast
It's hard to get the words out
That's why when we speak
We usually shout

So don't get angry
If we bump into you
Among our friends
That's what we usually do
In other words
We might be crazy
But we're not depraved
Oh no!
It's just the way we behave
When they let us out of our cage
It's just the way we behave