Artist: The Undeclinables


I'm posing on the sidewalk.
Here's where I'm working at night.
They're also working at night.
They know I've known it all along.
They want me of the street.
They're getting out of the car.
They try to corner me in.
LAPD, why are they always after me.
There's blue on every corner.
How am I supposed to make a living?
They never leave me alone.
They are as cold as stone.
They really don't give a damn about the person I am.
I run as fast as I can.
All these accusations, what are you trying to say.
I've been working my ass of all goddamn summer.
If I had the choice to live a perfect life, I wouldn't hesitate.
I'd be anywhere but here tonight.
Turn around now cause I will never turn myself in.
I know better places to spend the night.