The Unholy Trinity - Incarnating The Beast

Ride the vortex winds to the other side
Call the beast to materilize
Shun the light of day and
Bring tomrrows end

Ecstasy and Sodomy are things that are alive
With hatred for the living kind
Preaching is a lost way for communication
Spreading lies across the untold future

Witing the undertow of nature
The sacred winds are put to rest
As darkness falls the hooded monk
Takes off into the night

Incarnations are the key to success
With folding hands and execution
The times have changed with evolution
But we will still stand.

The aftermath of heresy
Brings truth to the gods
Slain for purpose of atrophy
They breathe for the end

With distaught incontent for nature
The pallete of destruction is wet
With passing of tales in pain
The last will not survive


Ode to the Northern Winds
Yelling out to the black winds of the north
I am one with you
Ascending and winding
I seek out an ode
I have won this war