Artist: The Yellow Sign


For my vengeance
I shall use this tomb
To ressurect a fallen god

Bring forth the death of man
Calling upon lost constructs of my prophecy
I beg for you
Star to return and burn out this blasphemy

I await thee
My master
Destroy this wretched race
Burn for all eternity
Star glowing so bright
Eclipsing this harmony

Ancient father
Ancient creator
Come to me oblivion

Father, your star burns brighter
You shall dismember
All those that stand in front of me

Annihilate the weak
Castigate this race

Your disciple calls to you to exterminate the human race
I wait for you to return
And exterminate the human race

Existence bound in chains
Brings about subjugate and incinerate
Subjugate and incinerate this twisted shadow world

This putrid waste of life has come before my master
A failure sentenced to death
Fuck you all

Father,I call to you
His star burns so bright,
It blots out the sun
Father, I wait for you