The Zambonis - Ccm P.s.a. (the Helmet Song)

Hey Craig McTavish, you gotta lot of hair on your head.
But if you lose your balance, you just might end up dead.

But if you wear a helmet
you will be fine.
And if you wear a helmet
it'll be alright.

You can get a concussion from a hip, slash, illegal check.
And you know that means that your brain hit the side of your head.

Because you wear a shinpad,
so why stop there?
'Cause if you wear a helmet,
you can skate your next shift.

Even when I practice, I like to wear my helmet around.
(Why is that Pete?)
That way in the games I don't feel like it's slowin' me down.
(Now that makes sense.)

So I wear a helmet
and a cage too.
Yes I wear a helmet,
so should you.
(Put it on.)