The Zolas - Strange Girl

You were the deep well
In earth-and-ocean class
And on the days you showed
I’d try to make you laugh
Cliques drift and
Converge in with a crash
And there we were, desk to desk
A young mountain and a strange girl

And then we met again at university
You said I came to you in a heavy dream.
Life in a glass house, you said was your secret theme.
Sometimes you creep me out
Have I ever told you you’re a strange girl?

We were silver moths
Around a naked bulb
On my parents’ porch that night
It was love
And it kept moving

I know you oh so well
Since we were 15
So well I feel my joints
When your weather’s shifting
I’ll be your confidante
Across the continents
You may one day be queen
But to me you’ll always be that strange girl