Artist: The Zombi

Appetite For Flesh

A ravenous craving gnaws inside me
I cannot suppress this compulsion
I must obtain flesh to nourish my hunger
A sickening deed of violence must be done

I hide my identity
To seek out a specimen
Who surrenders willingly for consumption

Trembling in fear he lies before me
A human for me to feast upon
With no holding back I commence my desire
He begs me to stop but there's no salvation

My appetite for your demise grows rapidly
As you degrade I salivate with intensive ardour
Your tender flesh I will digest voluptuously
And so you die to satisfy my tormenting need to devour
Flesh to fulfill my fantasy

A ravenous craving gnaws inside me
I cannot restrain my sinister addiction

No salvation

My sickly voracity
Brings me to a proper end
I prepare the flesh of my own for consumption

To fulfill my fantasy