Z-Ro - 1 Night

[sped up sample]
"Ay-aiyyyy, if only for one
Nah, niiight, niiight, niiight, niiiiiight
Ahh one night, if only for one... niiiiiiiiight"

[Chorus One: Z-Ro] + [Trae]
I wish I could have my loved ones back
Cause I'd love to have my loved ones back (if only for one niiiight)
We don't have to feel it like that
Cause I hate to see the pain comin back (if only for one niiiight)
Nobody get killed on the block
No reason to pack the steel on the block (if only for one niiiight)
We can get to make it to the top
And see my dawgs make it out the cell block (if only for one niiiight)

[Chorus Two: Z-Ro singing]
Maintaininnnnn, there'll be no mo' complaininnnnn
It's alright, if only for one niiiight
Maintaininnnnn, tryin to keep it from raininnnnn
It's alright

I swear, deep down I be sinkin
The same things over and over they never get better
I miss my niggaz, rain fallin
9 times out of 10 it don't miss my nigga
Damn, I hope this state of mind'll never leave again
I wanna see my nigga Screw get to breathe again
And wanna see Dinky and my nigga Donny break free again
On the block, never thinkin 'bout Plix
Twenty-fo' years of mine I've been blitzed
Dawg, don't you get it twisted
Cause 19 years of those have been stress
Never thought that I'd see this time
And it ain't no way that I'ma let it get by
Ain't no lie, deep down inside
Just to hold it close it wanna make me cry
No mo' drama, likin no laws
No mo' jail, no more collect calls
No mo' hate from these roach-ass niggaz
and my dawgs on the block'll ball 'til we fall
Plus Peewee woulda never got locked
Plus Greedo woulda never got shot
Plus Mello woulda still been here
With a white Kangol about to body rock the pen
Misty, then the rest of the click like
Full speed then runnin without a red light
Whole life I'll be one of a kind
Go deep in the wind I promise I got my head right
And I hate it's gon' be like this
I wonder why everything come to me like this
And if only fo' one night I finally get my smile
Lord, I don't wanna leave like this

[Chorus One] + [Chorus Two]

It'll be nice to have Emo and Jody and LL back
My nigga Best and his big brother E. Roy Love
Dem people ain't never comin back
But if only for one night
My nigga could make a decision he shoulda made
Make it where the situation turned out another way
And ain't a day go by
I don't wish I didn't have to miss my momma
This ain't livin my nigga this just drama
If only for the night when the storm'll live calmer
Cause seem like they wanna give a lifetime sentence
to a nigga with a pistol and a pound of marijuana
Wish it was legal to be in public wit'cha eyes red
I've seen a lot of B.I. cases go fed
Got pulled over, no seatbelt on the shoulder
Let to a 70 year stand and coda
If only for the dead nigga
Didn't have to wait to make a safe walk to the sto'
Just to get his niggaz and a six-pack {?}
But there never been a cakewalk to the sto'
Fuck around and see the head concussion
If the hood decide you gotta fake walk to the sto'
They fully fronted to everybody with animosity
Bitches'll take 'em 'fore they walk to the sto'
A nigga from the Southside, and a nigga from the Northside
And a nigga from the Eastside
Could all get along with each other, like we knew each other mother
No reason to wanna take our own lives
By losin a son, losin a daughter, losin a child
I'm battered by life, too rude to smile
I liked it better when I used to smile
If only fo' one mo' night

[Chorus One] + [Chorus Two]