Z-Ro - All Fall Down

It's like tears doesn't matter to you, it's like you laughed at my pain
Put me in a position to pick up a pistol, and I'll blast in the game
I'm going crazy, being murdered by the hands of cancer
Auntie asked if I wanted to die, but couldn't understand my answer
See it's fucked up when you loving, they don't love you in return
Fuck around and wait till you get on your feet, and slug you till it burn
Niggas is flies yeah they over rise, but I hide in the dark
Cause where the fuck was these niggas at, when I resided in parks
Bitch I slept on the bench, ten feet away from the bullet proof fence
But at least, I ain't have to pay no rent
I'm thinking of espree, damn near positive that you regret me
But I pray to God, you'll never forget me, remember me
I represented for the both of us, how could you love me
And not trust me, somewhere hated now there's no more us plus
Sammy Lee it was a tragedy, your boo was found dead
Here's my shoulder for you my nigga, rest your head

[Chorus - 2x]
This is where they all fall down
Putting burners to they brain, till it bang
There's no way for the real, to maintain
This is where they all fall down
Pay your dues, cause you owe
When it's your time, God'll give you the go

[Den Den]
I sit back and put my thoughts, on paper and rhymes
Tripping on the situations, that I'm facing in life
All this shifeness around me, but I still prevail
Get caught some shit we done together, and I'm making your bail
Cut your tail, while you fall down homie
Plus I'm in the kitchen cooking, so your family won't come hold me
Fuck that phony shit, that these fake niggas on
I get that pony bitch, then I get that hustle on
Staying strong like ammonia, as I bleed the block
Leaving that bitch swollen up, like I beat the cops
Going rock for rock, breaking down every zone
95 hundred woofing, where these niggas be strong
Staying alone to my own, with my baby and wife
Plus I'm keeping the bread a nine, cause I'm guarding my life
Ain't no slipping in my game, doing a dance to make it rain
Put a pistol to your head, and ease your pain

[Chorus - 2x]

I feel like I invented pain, might go any minute mayn, starting a bit of
Homicide and lean on they destiny, in an attempt to get the pain
Constant strain, here we go again another day in the life
If I'm blessed, can I just get one successful day in my life
My life is the prime example, of a good nigga gon wrong
And I trust no one plus I'm not friendly, so leave me alone
See I don't need a click of yes men, when I walk the block
My retaliation is only, when I chalk the block
I stay in a sweet leaf, each time I meditate on how to live
Nothing but negative everywhere I turn, ain't no more positive
Nothing but drama, cause drama makes the world go round
But pretty soon, it'll make the world go down
Just get a weapon of situation, if you starving then you hungry right now
I can't wait a whole pay period, I need money right now
So when I bleed the block I'm not gon bleed a lot, just enough to keep
The bills paid, and enough to keep some fiddles in a pot

[Chorus - 2x]