Z-Ro - Battlefield

Life is a battlefield...

I pledge allegiance to the soldiers, the ones who had to leave they family
Overseas facing death everyday, missing they family
Knowing that everybody that's going, ain't coming back
My roll dog, took his last stand in Iraq
Watching his mama collapse, cause she can't take the news
And it's sad to say, but a lot of mothers gon walk in Mrs. Johnson's shoes
So my condolences, goes out to the grieving
Lord give me the strength, so I can make it through this evening
What is this world coming to, locking up brothers is a sport
Beat us till we bleed because we breathe, still we lose in court
Mad at me because I'm black, take it up with my maker
You can't question creativity of the life, giver and taker
I guess, you gon have to deal with me
Why you wondering if I wanna rob you, why not find a way to come and chill with me
I ain't nothing but people, I'm just like you
Nothing greater or nothing less, I'm just like you

[Hook: Tanya Herron]
We are one, shoulder to shoulder
We stand, no promises
No demands, all of us know it
Life is a battlefield

[Tanya Herron:]
We're losing our souls, temptation takes hold
Why do we live, life this way
We must take control, of our mind and our souls
Before the death, over face
Cause if we just surrender, and trust in our faith
We'll all come together, the world will be safe


I'm on a mission, to heal my people
Republicans ain't even trying to feel my people, we starving for real
Little babies dying of thirst, plus they starving for meals
The main reason, why these teenagers be robbing they peers
America, look at what it's come to
Sunday morning ain't no youngsters in the church house, we running the streets acting a fool
Need to get some Jesus, in our life
That's the main reason, why we be dealing with so much shife
Straight up kicking it with the devil, and we don't even know it
Crooked cops hate our guts, and everytime they get a chance they gon show it
My life is a battlefield, cause I strive to survive
Daily busting, trying to lay me in my grave before my time
I can take it, cause I dish it out
I love my people but I'm paranoid, walk up on me my pistol I'ma whip it out
Can't trust nobody, from my friends to my kins
If I can get up and go get mine, you can get up and get your ends
It ain't hard, just man plot and strategize
If you focused on your goal, you just might reach it 'fore you die
So I'm focusing just like you, cause I'm just like you
Nothing greater or nothing less, I'm just like you