Z-Ro - Change Of Scenery

I don't know why my life ain't stable, so many up's and down's
It make a nigga dizzy, trying to keep his feet on the ground
Feeling this pain daily, too many times a day
Just wanna live, not necessarily shine today
Losing my mind today, I can't keep the tears from dripping
Thankful for Eugene my nigga, for residency flipping
Ran a car into my own shit, shouldn't I be glad
To be like Joe, but have to lose everything 'fore I get it back
I get free game, I stacks my cars my clothes
But my mama will never scratch my back, before I go to sleep no
I'm feeling crazy, just can't find the slack, but fuck
I can't move I know I'm not sleeping, I'm woke the devil's
riding my back
I try to shake him, but he on me
Therefor my attitude is rude, fuck friends leaving me for lonely

Sometimes I feel like the high, is my only companion
So I stay running the drugs, looking for understanding

[Hook - 2x]
I don't really wanna die, just need a change of scenery
It don't matter where I go, long as I'm blazing greenery
Blowing my wig back, trying to deal with stress
So I don't go crazy, and bandon me from people to rest

I don't really wanna go, that's why I ask Lord bless my soul
Had to stop hanging with hoes, even some my kin folk
It's bad for my brain, bad for my blood, bad for my people
That I wanted to show love, see cause love's been lost
That's why I blaze up greenery, and charge it to the cost
Baby I feel your pain, like when the tears come down like rain
And it don't stop, motherfuckers keep pulling the same spot
Trying to make you let loose, until you drop
Them off the scenery, doing something crazy
Wouldn't have to go through this shit, ain't that was another place to be
That's why I ride behind you a hundred percent, my nigga it's
I smoke with you ride with you, make sure you make it through the day
Too much hate make a chick wanna vacate, off the scene
Get a lil stash live out your dream ha, feel what I mean
Relieves the stress, remember you blessed smoke on
Live on and move on my nigga, I'm in your zone

[Hook - 2x]

Seems like I was looking for love, in the wrong place
Attempting to put a smile, on a long face
I couldn't beat it, the D.A. had a strong case
So I might ready to burst this, for a long stay
Back at the block after 2 and a half, thinking my partnas got
shit to show me
But they bout they paper capping, acting like they don't know me

Thangs done changed, I see I'm out here on my own
Got fronted a couple of packs, and glad I'm all night long
But fellas started to get jealous, cause I grinded so much
I wouldn't of knew he had a beam, if he didn't shine it so much
So when he came walking up on me, I just capped and let it go
See I'm nervous by nature, that means I'm dumping on you hoes
There was people looking for me, plus I'm ducking the vice
On top of that, my people treat me like a thief in the night
Sometimes I feel like my high, is my only companion
So I stay running the drugs, looking for understanding

[Hook - 2x]