Artist: As Oceans


Awareness, stoned into consciousness
Every nerve in utility
Every cell completely responsive
The gift of sensation, our reason to exist

Charges make light of gravity, the cosmic punch line

These forces wage an endless war
For the attention of our species
Our very compositions the victims
Of laws without patronage

Keratin waves with universal energies
Motions uncontrollable, subconsciously predictable
Infinite vexations for finite actualities
Clasp the threshold to visual synapse

With limbs extended
Kinetics propelling forward
Paschar, guide me

Stepping through halls of darkness
My sole greeted by a fine grain of the earth
Such distraction, perceived as a nova
Rather than a galaxy
Approaching a lucid arch as the aisle terminates
Thrust into the golden court, the radiance is blinding
Yet my vision is clear

With enough light to warrant the contrast
Erosion has clearly left its mark
This silicon fragment is not what imagination designed
The senses will not deceive when unified

Look to the sky
To put the obfuscations all behind
I am released
The constant search for clarity has ceased