As Oceans - The Omnist

Much of life a visual complication
A mural of devastating motion
Generated to appease zero
Admonish the opponents to discomfort
They lose touch with the spirit

The inescapable nether where matter is king
Step across the line to slowly devolve
Temptation found behind every mirage of promise
A fantasy where the motives wear the masks

No escape
Standing animate
While the lifeless follow the sheep

Sole refuge in the pulsating incentive

Endomorphically filtered through adverse walls
A state of mind vacant of fear. Seek truth in one, despite the cost
Waning to a shade void of feeling

Wholesomely aggregated in the midst of depletion
Gaia draws acid tears
My calloused skin has no need for raincoat
Ridden of the torture of mortality
By subscribing to the contradicting structures whose foundations have misguided us all