N-Dubz - Intro

I dedicate this album to one and only
To this day I remember everything he showed me
I need to come off the rails
If it wasn't for you I'd be dead or in jail
I dedicate this album to him
He's the reason why we didn't end up skinned
See the fingers we all started off grow
So now you see why we have to call this Uncle B

{If you don't know how to make it}, check in
{But you better put your time}
You better put the time
{From 8 years}, 8 years, {skinned}, skinned
{Broke} broke, {no money} in madness

2 weeks for nothing
He's not really getting treated out there
Now I feel this pup, {is changing}
This pup is changing
With some serious people in life {I thank you}
And it just goes to show you
Where there's a will there's a way