Artist: N-Dubz

Duku Man Skit (feat. Fearless)

Ey what?
You wanna quickly Doku this ting?
(Go on then)

I'm like, lately I've seen that many man comin' up with funny little skanks an' ting,
But, When I'm on a skankin' ting, No lie I'm on a blankin' ting..
And if you feel my shit I'm on a thankin' ting..
But if you bring a pretty girl around me I'm on a spankin' ting, it's no wankin' ting.
See me I'm on the stance same ting, further more I should be the skankin' king..

So if you wanna come hotel don't waste time,
Only get once chance, don't get nine..
Like Cartel said 'Mi cocky longer than mi nine'
So rep it up becau' we bump 'n' grind..
I'm a man you're a female, an' I hate when a chick makes her bum look big on facebook..
Man they can't back the real ting up in detail, Done with your pictures but I know your e-mail..

I'm a hard worker, but I'm not a grime MC, so anytime I get a day off,
I like writin' angry lyrics with my friends reminiscing about the days when,
We used to lick alot of shots on the block an' go to girls hostels..
Shag dem, then link there best friend.. You're the shit on my shoe,
Waste..Dash ya and splash on the floor, in ya moms' basement.

Oi, You're a doku man,
You gotta be stackin' up doku grands..
Fools 'round here, No Lu Lu's man..
You man are spooky.. You do Voodoo?
(You do voodoo?)

What planet are you on you must be coo-coo..
I don't wanna put a thing in 'fifis' hand, cause he will definetly make it go doku..
Men are supposed to have balls, not lu-lu's..
Never have I seen a man run that fast, I'm suprised he never done a poo-poo..
Ey donut, dickhead, Beany-man's cousin..
Make us ill it ate more than a dozen..An' I did ask Tulisa and she told me that...
"I will never shag a man unless I love him!"
Sagga's wanna be fake ragga-muffin.. How can you let a likkle man like me,
Make 2 grown man like you start dossin'?

Never talk to the feds when they come I start duckin', You man are buggin'..

Wanna talk shit behind my back, when you see me you start runnin'!

Arr you ain't heavy like a ton full of bricks, N-Dubz got a bag full of hits.
You an your boys a bag full of pricks.. If we come to your party, you know we gon' leave..
With all of your chicks!!

Oi, You're a doku man,
You gotta be stackin' up doku grands..
Fools 'round here, No Lu Lu's man..
You man are spooky.. You do Voodoo?
(Duk's, tell me..)

What would you do if you're in a club dancin', a man rolls with his girlfriend on a sad ting..
An' she starts givin' you the eye like it's a bang ting, I know what I would do, I ent rampin'!

I would take her to the toilet, put her in the sink..
Give her willy till the batty don' wink..Don't fink I'm buyin' you a drink.
You are not my girlfriend, you're just anuvva link..I don't care what you fink.

When I die, don't bury me, burn me.. The way thing's are goin' I might die early.
I hate MC's that get it with the swag lines like 'I'm a killer an no-one can hurt me!'

Yo, When I die don't bury me, freeze me.. The way fings are goin' I might die easy..
I hate MC's that come out with dead line's like 'I shoot crack and guns' that's cheesy..

Rarrst, Many man I know are livin' in a dream-land..
Thinkin' they can play 2 notes on a keyboard, an come up with a song like ours..
Your mix tape stinks like a fart, My album's a slut in the chart..
Half a million of my CD's got shipped like hot cakes, over the counter..
So could you please stop stylin' on west when you can't even sell 2 of them in an hour!

Coco-cabonion.. I come Q with the shank and dun-dem.. I'm from a place called 'north-west london'
I heard your mom's got bunions fam, what?