Artist: N-Dubz


Yeah, It's D... a... p's... to the y!

N-Dubz! Tulisa and Faze!

I do believe it's time for me to release my freedom of speech and how I feel at this pacific moment of time.

Ha, Sex! I want some sex. Ite check this out. This is how I does!

Do you ever get horny from reading a text? You ever had sex over the Internet?
Web cam and shit went up your toushy cut the story short, Play with your pussy. All of us put a plug in the socket but Bobby and Suzie they went up the place like a hot Jacuzzi. I may come across sweet but really I'm a Rudy.

Since I started puberty I was looking in magazines just to see the nudity. Truthfully, I don't care who you be, be. I find if you take a chick's virginity looking at your phone becomes a misery (misery) because they ring you up more times than infinity. If you just let me be, I don't need no stress I'd rather have a pint and a little bit of sex. Who do you think I am? I ain't buying you a dress, that's candyfloss and I ain't here to impress.

Sex no text, root it the boot it. Shank them boys. Fuck all the kissin' and cuddlin'. Why don't you grab my balls and try juggling (haha). Josh slept with Bianca, little did she know he was a wanker because he was a bisexual prick, he loved slits as well as tits. Bianca as hard as Rick, Never thinking of taking a trip to the clinic, now they're all in it. He might have aid's can't have babes. At the end of the day Josh should have put his hood on before the rain. You know what I'm saying.

Anyway... What's your name? Remember me? You know how I like it, Sex no texts, root it then boot it, Shank them boys, Fuck the kissin' and cuddlin' (cuddlin') why don't you put my nob In your mouth and try swallowing. Sex is a crazy thing especially if you do it with some one you don't know. There's nothing wrong with a one-night stand. Just watch your positions if she's a hore though. If you only knew what some females have put me through. Last week I got chased by a chick licking her lips like I'm some sort of beast. I was drunk, my eyes where red, I'm kinda known so I wanted some head, some how we ended up in a bed but she had hairs on her legs and a wig on her head. I ain't gonna lie I was scared. Big fat mama come all prepared about which colour condom would I like. Get my cloths on here comes my wife!

"Who is this man! "
"Nahh, Let me explain! "
"No, Shut up I don't want to hear it! "
"No no no no no no no no no"
"Yeah, your in here with this fat bitch yeah! What you playing at Dap!? ! What are you seriously doing!? "
"Wait, I beg you! "
"No I don't wanna hear it! "
"I don't wanna hear it! "
"I don't wanna hear it! "
"Oh shut up! "
"I'm gonna bang her! "
Aye Aye This is N-Dubz.
Are you mallas-fer-allas! Yeah!