Artist: The Undivine

What's The Point?

Feeding off the same old lies
Everything will be alright
Bullet hails are our guidelines
Nothing will turn out fine
We have seen how good intentions
Fade to black and arouse new dangers
Evolving into wrong direction
Our Straight to the top had brought us down

So sickening and stale
The stench of our "redemption"

Crawling over piles of bodies
We once left behind
No more useless powertrips
we all know what is right!

Committing these same old crimes
Solving problems with knives
Accusations and their lies
Nothing you've heard is right
We have seen these conversations
Take turns into wrong direction
Get rid of your false pride
And see the truth laid down before your eyes!

So sickening and stale
The stench of our "redemption"

What's the point of hiding the truth
When it comes down to our common good
Cutting the edge and forcing the fist
Into the mouth of every fucking pig

Solving problems with violence never brought us any good
Ignorance is the key to extinction, Let's all enjoy the fruits of wrath!