The Undivine - Metamorphosis

We have made killing each other so easy
But we can't even get our cars running without a war
We keep on thinking tomorrow will bring something better for us's a fucking lie.

We did not change the world today!
We have no cure for our sickness, anger and greed
Our vicious circle is to pay!
Sins of our fathers who started this absurd race

Just swallow this pill and smile
Product of our time
Overdose to smile some more
Our endless intention to die

Life! like a lie
Seen through their eyes
not your own! you just want
Reborn! without fear
away from the shit they feed you with!

Transformation through the mud!

We did not try to change today!
We play this game just to lose it every day
We waste our chances all in vain!
Now we pay!

Just inject our shit and smile
Infected by our lies
Overdose to smile some more
Hopeless addiction to life

WAR! We need war
that's what we're waiting for:
AN EXCUSE! to make our own blood flow
For a cause that never was ours
And never will!

Transformation through the blood!

Tranformation through the fear!